Thursday, March 27, 2008

Metal Steve Reviews MLB 08 The Show

This review is kind of different because it's not a game that I would normally play but instead a game someone gave me for free. Let me explain it to you so you can undersatand what I'm talking about. I don't want you to get confused! haha! Last week one of my fans sent me a message saying "Hey Steve I run a baseball web site called Gas Lamp Ball and I want you to review a game for us" and I was like "That's cool but I don't watch sports!" I'm too busy with practicing with my band Mighty Talon and partying with my girlfriend Samantha not to mention having to work to pay the bills to find time to watch sports. But I figure a game's a game, right? So I said "OK send it to me" and they sent me a copy of the game. It is called MLB 08 The Show and it is for the Playstation3. I'm so good at video games that I can master any game you put in front of me and I knew that I would be good enough to master MLB 08 The Show for Playstation3. So sit back my faithful friends and prepare yourself for my METAL REVIEW of MLB 08 The Show for Playstation3.

Now you might be saying to yourself "Steve doesn't even like sports! How can he play a basebaqll game for Playstation3?" Don't worry I won't fail you! Think of this like Superman where I go into a telephone booth and change into a different person. Only this time it's SUPER SPORTS STEVE instead of METAL STEVE. haha! Do you guys hear that phone ringing? That's me calling from the phone booth to say "Super Sports Steve will save the day!" haha! I have played MLB 08 The Show a lot now and I can safely say I have mastered the game. My girlfriend Samantha was mad last night because I was only playing the game and not partying with her but I said "Baby please. I need to play this for my METAL REVIEW. My fans sent me this game and are depending on me!" She was totally mad and wouldn't talk to me but guess who she still ended up in bed with? I guess maybe I do know about baseball because I hita bit homerun last night! haha!

Let me tell you a little bit about what MLB 08 The Show is all about. Maybe you are like me and don't watch sports. We should stick together! haha! OK. Baseball is all about hitting the most pitches and scoring the most points. The best wayt to score points is to hit a "homerun" when the pitcher throws the ball to you. That means you hit the ball so far that it goes over everyone's head and into the audience. If you hit it so far that it goes all the way over the audience it's called a "grand slam." If you hit the ball and it doesn't go over everyone's head but the other guys don't catch it, it's called a "single," a "double," or a "triple." How hard you hit the ball is the reason for which type of hit you get. There are different teams and each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. When you choose your team in the game the screen shows if they are a good team or not. I chose to play as the Los Angeles Dodgers because that was the only team I'd heard of! With the Dodgers I mastered the game so maybe they are the best baseball team. I know I know! It's complicated! haha! But that's baseball in a nutshell.

There are two main things you do in MLB 08 The Show. The first is to hit the ball. You press the X Button at the right time to hit it. If you are really good like me you might even get a homerun. And I don't mean a homerun with a lady even if I get that too! haha! No I mean a homerun where the ball goes over everyone's head. "CAN YOU GET A GRAND SLAM?" Only true masters like me score grand slams but if you keep practicing you can score one some day! Hang in there! haha! The other main thing you do in MLB 08 The Show is be the pitcher. Depending on which button you press you can throw different types of pitches. If you throw a good pitch it's called a "strike." If you throw a bad pitch it's called a "ball." The goal is to get three strikes and score an "out" on the other team. I know I know I'm getting carried away with the rules, but knowing them is important if you wan tto master MLB 08 The Show for Playstation3. If you don't master the rules you might as well not play the game at all!

The graphics in MLB 08 The Show are really good but for some reason these announcers keep talking the whole time and telling you everything that's happening in the game even though you can see it for yourself. Maybe that's for people who are blind or need glasses or something! haha! Why do I need an announcer to tell me I got a strike when I can see it on the screen? It doesn't make sense. But maybe that's what baseball fans like to hear because it makes them feel good. If the guy says "He pitched a strike" maybe people say "You're right I did! I'm awesome!" haha! The players all look pretty real, like real people running on the screen. When Samantha came into the room one time to yell at me she thought I was just watching baseball on TV. Tha's how good they look! But she was pretty drunk too because she likes to party. But when she gets drunk that's when I get to make a "homerun" if you know what I mean! haha!

So even though I don't like sports I was still able to master MLB 08 The Show for Playstation3 and provide you with my METAL REVIEW. If you take the time to figure out the rules for baseball you'll probably enjoy the game even if you are like me and don't watch sports or even know the rules! It has good graphics and sometimes even looks real, especially if you're drunk or something! haha! It was very nice of a fan to send me this game for review and that makes me think that if any other fans have games they should send them to me and I will review them! But mayb enot sports games because I really don't like sports even if I have the talent needed to master sports games. Maybe game companies can send me a copy of games that haven't come out and I can tell the world about them. I could be like "Hey guys! Super Mario Galaxy 2 is really amazing!" How awesome would that be? OK my faithful fans, until next time this is Metal Steve signing off. Remember, as Metal Steve says: "HITTING HOMERUNS IS FUN IN BOTH BASEBALL AND REAL LIFE!" Later!

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